Tuesday, May 29, 2012

April Randoms

Perhaps I'll actually someday be blogging in real time again... For now lets close out April with a few posts. I took this top photo because those were our favorite pjs on her until she out grew them. I love cotton pjs that are snug on babies... too cute!

Oh man...those two love eachother! If a dog jumps up on me at the dog park to smell or lick Edrie Olive goes crazy. Its the only time she is really aggressive. And she doesn't bite the dog or anything, but she lets them know to leave Edrie along. Makes me smile.


Peek-a-boo with uncle B



That thing is a lifesaver!


I heart Instagram and this outfit that Aunt Lindsey got E before we went to San Diego. SO cute!


And those two again. Olive loves to give kisses!

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