Wednesday, May 30, 2012

San Diego Trip


At the end of April, Grant had a conference in San Diego. Edrie and I decided to tag along to see the sun, my brother, and good friends. Edrie helped me pack... look at her fat face! Its only been a month and she has thinned out considerably

Baby mullet in the airport! She did really well on the flight. She is very squirmy these days but she sat with me well and we even napped for a bit. Grant had a different flight so we were on our own.


For some reason this picture and the following two make me laugh. Especially if you can click through them quickly.



Her hair was so long!

We've been trying to get those teeth on camera for so long!


My cousin, Aunt, and Brother. So good to see family and introduce them to Edrie. She was a huge hit!


My cousin's kids.


My other cousin and Aunt with E and I


Edrie LOOVED Sophia!


So cute!


I had to get a picture of those cheeks while we were eating breakfast one morning. I heart that stripped hat... I'll be missing it next winter. 

Ha! I let her have some of my chocolate ice cream. Needless to say, she liked it. Grant is convinced I'm giving our daughter diabetes. He is a bit dramatic, but we love him anyway. 

she is SO freaking funny. love it. 

 IMG_6577 IMG_6578

Sleepy waiting for Raneat and Noa at the zoo! We actually spent lots of time with them while we were in SD, but I was lazy about taking pictures so there isn't much evidence. We had lunch and walked around downtown, got cupcakes, ate breakfast, and spent the day at the zoo. It was so much fun to see them and to meet Noa. We REALLY miss our Missouri friends!


I was so lazy with the pictures...this is the only animal one I took. I wish I'd taken a pictures of the monkey that wanted to attack Edrie. It seriously was pacing in front of the window and she was staring at him. All of a sudden he turned and slammed into the glass. She started bawling. Zoos are kind of depressing sometimes.


A rare picture in the stroller... she lasts about 5 minutes at a time for me, but she is definitely getting better. Noa is in the background!


Sleepy after a long day out!

Efron and Joel had Lady E (as Joel calls her) and I over for steak tostadas one night...soo good! And so fun to see my brother with my baby girl. I wish they got to spend more time together!



Our last morning we had breakfast with Jessica, Lilly, Raneat, Noa, and Lynne. So fun!


Eat her up!


Raneat and Noa!

I wish I'd taken more pictures. We tried to lay by the pool the one day the sun came out, but it was gone before we even got out there. It was fun to put E in a bathing suit though!  We had dinner one night with Tom at the restaurant my brother works at. The food and company were awesome! Another night we met Brett for dinner - also super good to see him! We wish our friends weren't spread all over the country so we could spend more time with them! If only Grant hadn't gotten food poisoning - it would have been a perfect trip!

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