Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jamison Square with Auntie Linds


My husband continues to very politely harrass me to post pictures of our kid...I've been slacking on the blog worse than ever! I am a bit shocked though... these were taken July 5th! We spent an afternoon with Auntie Lindsey getting yummy coffee and taking Edrie to Jamison Square.


This spot is extra special for me because we lived across the street from it when we had just moved back to Portland last year. I was pregnant and didn't have much experience as a nurse so I couldn't find a job (which I really didn't mind too much). Olive and I spent our days walking and relaxing around town. Many an afternoon were spent sitting in this very park last summer with a swollen belly thinking about what it would be like to be one of those harried moms chasing kids. HA! There is no more wondering!


Edrie had the time of her life. She is such a social girl - she was practically running from kid to kid and doing her signaure wave. Its almost a princess wave! Have I mentioned that?? She waves NON STOP these days and its ridiculously adorable.



IMG_20120705_155044 IMG_20120705_155120

I love that kid so much.

edited to add a few pics with mama...



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