Wednesday, October 24, 2012

11 Months

Oh Man! She is NOW 13 months, but I want to take a step back to be sure all these monthly pictures are up here. CAN SHE BE ANY CUTER?? Love her too much!

I'm just going to put up my letter to her because it is a good update of all that she was upto at 11 months. The main thing is saying "what's dat?!"

Baby Girl,

You are SUCH a joy! Gosh you are at such a fun stage! You are adding words and skills daily - stunning your papa and I! We are constantly looking at each other in awe and secretly thinking we have the smartest kid in the history of the world. Every time you do something new I try to make a mental note to write it down so I don't forget... I'll try to get down as much as possible in this note.

Let's start with your words... A few weeks ago you started pointing at things and saying 'whats that' It is your FAVORITE phrase and do it constantly. I think when I tell people you say that they don't believe me, but then they hear you and are amazed. You want to know what EVERYTHING is. You are just absorbing the world around you. You are also really good at copying what we say - you have repeated 'pretzel' and 'shoe' and 'papa'.

One of your other tricks I like to show off is your animal noises... you LOVE dogs. LOVE THEM. everytime you see them you start squawking and woofing. You like to make the 'woof' 'woof' noise. Its so cute! You are also really good at making monkey noises. At first we weren't sure you were correlating the noise to the animal, but you have done it a few times out of context. Like if someone says 'Edrie you are being a monkey' you will start going oo oo ee ee. Or the other day there was a squirrel on tv and you thought it was a monkey so you started making the noise. Today you were practicing meowing like a cat - you have almost got it down.

You are getting better in the car lately - we have a CD of nursery rhymes that you really like. It seems to help calm you on longer drives. You especially like the songs that we sing at the library storytime we go to - wheels on the bus and row row row your boat and itsy bitsy spider. You LOVE those songs.

You are getting really good at scooting around on your butt, but are very particular about when you are in the mood to do it. If I'm in the kitchen and you are in the living room you tend to just squawk at me until I come check on you and then you insist I pick you up. I usually try to lure you into scooting, but you are a very determined girl and (probably too) often get your way. Your nana came to visit a few days ago and she was chasing you around the living room - you were giggling and smiling so much and scooting REALLY fast! I wish I had gotten it on video. You would scoot and then look back to be sure she was still playing and then you'd keep going.

You are also dangerously close to walking. You could do it if you wanted to, but you are a bit nervous. You hold onto one finger and toddle all over. You think it is the best thing EVER. Tonight your Papa and I sat across from one another a few feet apart and had you go back and forth between us - you took 4 steps unassisted! We were SO proud - cheering you on and scooping you up for cuddles! You are growing up! A walker! Oy! I can't wait for you to have the independence of walking. Since you haven't ever crawled and don't like to scoot all that much I think you are going to really be happy to be free of us. I know you'll still want to have us close, but you won't need us for every little thing. You can explore more on your own and I can tell you are ready for that. It will be more work for us, but that is totally ok!

What else??? You are just the best thing ever. We love you so much. I just die seeing you with your papa. He can't get enough of you and your glorious cheeks. The same goes for all your grandparents and your mama. And all of our friends. Everyone comments on what a happy, social girl you are.

We love you little girl - Its almost been a year! WOW!

xoxo, mama


She laughs so hard now - we were playing peek a boo here and she was CRACKING UP! I can't remember exactly what is in the video and I'm in a coffee shop so I can't hear it, but I KNOW its cute!



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