Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Backyard Overhaul: The Finished Product!

Remember our backyard and all the work it still needed?? Well here is what they did...


Next they hauled, layed, and cut a bunch of sod. And we watered and watered it to keep it alive. Looks so awesome!


Then they built me TWO raised beds out of cedar... heart them so much!


When Dan was here he helped Grant dig a trench to put our rain gutter in. He also hung a swing for Edrie! Such a good guy to do manual labor on vacation!!


Then they laid a TON!! of weed barrier and spread mulch in all the beds and gravel everywhere else. I didn't take any in progress shots, but can you just imagine how much work that was?! We were lucky that a neighbor cut down an 80 year old tree while we were making our yard over... we got some of the stumps for our firepit! I need to take another picture because the swing isn't in this and I planted flowers in that figure 8 bed, too!!


These are mostly the same... I need to take a few more pictures, but you get the idea... its WAY nicer than it was!! Can you even believe its the same yard?


Pretty, sweet huh?!! Thanks Tim, Mom, and Grant!! It turned out so nice!


Alisha said...

Looks amazing!!!! miss you.

Sarah K. said...

Nicole this looks so good! All the hard work definitely paid off!