Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Janelle and Maddie's Visit

This post is going to be a major picture overload, but I just love too many not to share!! Most are from J's awesome camera... such a good photographer she is!! 

Janelle and Maddie came for a visit at the end of July/ beginning of August (yes its been that long since I blogged...). It was a quick visit, but SOOO good to spend a few quality days together. I love seeing our girls together - can't wait til they are even more interactive!


How surreal was it to have our two kids in the tub together. Seriously, Weren't we just driving around Milwaukie rocking out to *NSYNC and talking about the hot guys at school?! It was like a blink and we're wives, mama's, ADULTS!


They couldn't be any cuter!



My girl. Awesome hooded towel from Auntie Linds!


This picture is so fun! Our friend Jessie just had a girl, Natalie - Just three weeks old when we got them all together!

DSC_0304 DSC_0308

We spent an afternoon at Woodlawn Park enjoying the sun and splash pad!


She looks like she is about to do something mischievous!


Want to frame this one! Those big, soft, kissable cheeks!


Let's go mom!



This one needs a frame too... I can't get over it. I cried when she sent me a copy in the mail. Its just too much!!

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