Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Bratt's Come to Oregon

In early August we were super lucky to have Dan and Lainey come to visit from Missouri - baby girl in the belly came along too! I was SO happy to be able to see my dear friend in all her pregnant glory - she looks great, huh?! Its taken me so long to post - her baby girl has already arrived safe and sound! We spent the time they were here on a little tour of Oregon and Dan even helped in the backyard a bit! Lainey had a conference to attend for a few hours each day. The above picture  is of them seeing Edrie for the first time since she was 7 weeks old! Quite a different little being!


We took Dan to Washougal on one particularly hot day.. the water was refreshing after a VERY long car ride with a crying babe and no air conditioning!


Ergo = favorite nap spot



Then we drove up the Gorge to Mulnomah Falls - such beautiful views!






THEN we drove to Cannon Beach - they are very brave souls for riding in the car with our hates-the-car kid. There was way too many renditions of wheels on the bus (her favorite song) and reviewing the sounds that animals make "a dog says woof woof, cow says moo... "


It was Edrie's first trip to the Oregon coast too! She was not the hugest fan of the sand and it had us cracking up!

IMG_7323 IMG_7337

So fun to introduce our girl to one of our favorite places on Earth and on such a beautiful day! She LOOOVED the water... totally all about it! 


"come on papa"


Her little legs! 




 The pic of Lainey and I didn't turn out - my eyes were closed, but MAN was it awesome to see them... we were so very fortunate to make such great life long friends during our time in Missouri. Now I'm DYING to fly out there and meet their baby girl! love you guys! 

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Alisha said...

Edrie is DARLING! ANd you're looking great too, mamma!