Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas and Surrounding Festivities (december 2012)


The holidays were so awesome. My brother and his boyfriend came from San Diego and it was awesome to see them. Grant had quite a bit of time off and even though we hosted Christmas Day - we did low-key drinks and appetizers so it was really nice. I grabbed a few pictures but most of them are in the slideshow. Just too many I wanted to share. At the end of the post I'll do a quick list of what is in the slideshow. The above picture is at my Mom's Christmas Eve.

DSCN2072 DSCN2150
our tree before and after Santa came


Papa showing E her new balance bike! 


Christmas day watchin' Papa help her open a gift.


The chaos of opening gifts with lots of family! 


Oh man! They are mine. Lucky girl. (ps... do you love our stockings over our REAL fireplace?! This was our first Christmas in this house - very special.)

The first few pictures are from a lunch out with my brother, dad, and Efron. Had lots of fun getting grub and beer.

Christmas Eve Auntie Lindsey came over with a few special gifts for our girl.

Then we stopped by Grant's dad's house. Edrie fell asleep on the way so it was kind of lame because we couldn't all go in.

Lastly, we had dinner with my mom, step-dad, Joel, and Efron. Super delicious ham and fixings. Edrie opened her first gifts - one from us (pjs) and one from nana and grampa (blocks).

She loooved the blocks - she subsequently drug the bag all over the house.

We got home late and baby girl fell asleep on mama.

Then mama was crazy and stayed up way too late making cinnamon rolls and cake balls.

Christmas morning we slept in a bit (miracle!) then went for the stockings and gifts.

We got Edrie a balance bike (Gigi also got her this one!), baby stroller, push/pop toy, blocks, balls, rain boots, and a few clothes (i went a little overboard). Grant got me a DSLR camera which I am BEYOND excited about. CAN NOT wait to get good at using the manual settings. Edrie also got some other awesome gifts, but one of particular note is a hand knit doll with about 15 outfits from our friend Holly. It is seriously amazing. She is going to love that thing when she is good enough to take the clothes on and off. I'm very protective of it.... I just love it. She totally spoils us with handknits. Bubba got some new clothes.

After breakfast we walked to Safeway to get coffee. Edrie wore her new rainboots. I usually wouldn't buy something with a 'character' on it, but they were the only ones that were small enough to fit her tiny size 3 feet. I have to admit though -they really are too freakin' cute and she LOVES to puddle jump.

Then we started getting ready for our families to come over. We had about 15 people over. Everyone brought an appetizer and we did a few. We also did apple cider in the crockpot and had whiskey on had to spike it with. SOO GOOD. Grant got this whiskey made locally and it was so smooth! We had so much fun just mingling and eating. Eventually we had a free for all and opened gifts. This was the first year in a while we did gifts and it was really fun. Made it feel like Christmas. It really was just how I hope all our holidays are. We are working on making Thanksgiving just as low-key.

Then we took a few family pics in front of our stockings. Edrie likes to give hugs and kisses these days.

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