Sunday, January 6, 2013

Santa (december 2012)


We took Edrie to see Santa again this year. We went to Macy's because we had such a good experience last year. I love that they don't care if you take your own pictures. And the Santa totally helps you get a good picture (at least as good as it gets when a 1 year old is very apprehensive!)


Checkin' out the reindeer. 

On the way there I taught Edrie to say "hi santa" just about the cutest thing ever. She said it over and over when he was on his lap and for the following several weeks. 


We started out with all three of us on his lap (didn't get any pictures), then I left and then G left. I think that was a great way to get her used to him! 


They kept saying "What is his name?" "What is his name?" Guess I should dress her a bit less non-descript. It was a particularly neutral day - and those shoes are very boyish, but we love them. 


She now says "cheese" and scrunches up her face when you try to take pictures. She was on the train in the santaland. She was so proud to be up on that seat! 


She LOOVED walking through downtown. She was running along. 

also liked to check out all the window displays. 

PS I love that picture at the top. 

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jenni said...

Grant's smile on santa's lap??!! Haha! He looks super duper excited! That top picture is cute!