Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Decorating (december 2012)


 We spent December 9th tree hunting and putting up lights. I love our tradition of getting a tree from the tree farm, even if it is always an adventure! We had a really hard time finding a tree we liked this year. We went a farm Grant knew from his childhood. It was great, but it only had noble firs left. Not o

ur fav. We did find one though - and I ended up being really glad we had a noble. Edrie didn't really get what the heck we were doing and mostly nurse-slept and was annoyed we were out in the cold and rain. And she was VERY skeptical when we first brought the tree in the house. She was very starteld and ran the other way. After a bit of an introduction she was okay with it and by the time we had lights and ornaments she was in love. We put all the non breakable ornaments on the bottom and she did great with that.

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