Sunday, January 6, 2013

December Randoms (december 2012)


Seriously, isn't this the cutest?! Olive loves to cuddle. 


Have you noticed that this kid has about 1 million coats that fit her right now. It is stressful deciding which one she should wear everyday - they were almost all given to us and they just happen to fit all at once! Anyway - she got big girl gloves and a new hat from Santa. Her nana knit her that scarf and I can't get over how cute it is for a baby to wear a scarf! 

Other things of note... 

We went to a tree lighting with Ethan, Katie, and their kids. Way fun. 

Tori and Dan came to hang out with G and Edrie

Edrie spends lots of time with her grandparents - lucky girl. 

She painted wooden snowflakes with glitter paint for family. We used them as gift tags and added a hanger so they could be used as ornaments next year. 

There is a video from Christmas Eve of her showing off her "hi santa" skills

December 26 marked 7 years since G and I went on our first date. We celebrated by getting a sitter and going beer tasting downtown. My brother, Efron and Jessica met up. Way fun. We stayed out til almost 2am - felt so strange!! 

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