Thursday, January 3, 2013

Edrie's First Birthday (sept 12, 2012)


September 12 was an awesome day. We made the day all about Edrie and her favorite things. We kept it low-key and simple and just went with the flow. It was perfect.

We started the day with an embellished shirt and one-shaped blueberry pancakes. Baby girl was very confused about all the hoopla! Then she and I took it easy - walked Olive, she took a nap, we had lunch and headed to the zoo. Her first time where she was actually interested in things. She pointed to EVERYTHING and asked her signature, "whads dat?" It was nice to go just the two of us. The real highlight was the hyenas - she thought they were dogs and got SOOOO excited.  She was smiling and laughing, and woof woofing at them. They were just on the other side of the glass so she really wanted to pet them. There is one picture in the slideshow of her excitement. 

After Grant got home we had dinner - her favorite, pesto pasta and opened presents. The weather was awesome so we spent some time outside and ended the evening with a candle and ice cream. So so good. I can't believe how fast that year went! 

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