Friday, January 4, 2013

Edrie's First Birthday Party (september 2012)


Lets just start out by saying - I LOVE that girl. Love her - and as a result I went totally over-the-top for her 1st Birthday Party. I loved doing it, but it was a bit much. I do think Edrie had a good time and the weather was perfect. We had about 70 people in our new backyard. We had a keg with mason jars, appetizers, and cake/cupcakes. We kept it low-key and just did food, cake and gifts - no major activities. Though I did have a little DIY photobooth with props set-up. What else? Oh - the invites were in the shape of a mason jar so we did little banana breads baked in mason jars for the favor (gotta love pinterest!). And she may have worn a mama-made dress and bloomers and crown...WAY TOO CUTE! For decorations we did a million yards of bunting from vintage sheets - my mom said she felt like she was in a little sweatshop cranking that out. LOTS of sewing! She also made party hats and pinwheels. And my stepdad made me big framed chickenwire to hang pictures on. I'm kind of obsessed with how it all came together - love it when a vision works out! 

The cake was not her favorite thing ever. She tried it and was okay with it until it got on her hands - sister does not like to be messy! She did eat a bit more the following day when we tried a cupcake. We are so lucky to have a great group of family and friends who were excited to celebrate our little girl - it was a very good day! 


family photobooth shot! here is a link to the professional pics from Katie Anderson (we used the party as Edrie's 1 year shoot). Not sure that link will be live for long, but its fun to look through for now! 

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Alisha said...

Happy Birthday to your little love.
She is so darn gorgeous!