Sunday, January 6, 2013

Missouri Trip (december 2012)


 Dan emailed and said he'd like to surprise Lainey by having Edrie and I out for a visit. I was SO excited and super grateful. The trip was amazing - we were really low-key which was perfect. It was so nice to chat and just play with the babes all day. Edrie LOOVED Lainey and Dan, but was a little worried when mama held Quin. It was awesome to get to meet their baby girl. She is absolutely beautiful and such a good girl. They are also great parents which is so fun to see. Another awesome treat was we got to meet up with Raneat and Noa a few times. Loved seeing them again - it had been since April when we met up in San Diego. It was incredibly hard to leave. Miss our peeps and that place more than I ever thought. Hope we get to meet up again VERY soon!

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