Saturday, August 30, 2008


so excited & ready!

little sign i made for our day after brunch. got the stuff from martha here. i know i know hers is better - but she is martha and i am nicole. don't look too closely its kind of shoddily made, but it will do and looks pretty good if you dont get too close!

i know, i statement of the year. I HATE platform flip flops. for some reason i just think they look ridiculous (sorry if you wear them...) - why would you wanna walk on a big huge piece of rubber stuff? despite this i just spent $35 bucks on these...very depressing. my dress is long. i didnt want to pay the $150 to get it hemmed. i bought tall beautiful shoes. i realized i'm going to be crying for mercy after an hour. bought flats. ha! didn't work. have to wear horribly ungly flip flops with the most expensive, beautiful dress i will ever wear. sweet. only saving grace is that no one will see them, right???


Michele said...

I love the flops:) It's almost here!! Make everyday special you will never be single again!!:)

Sarah said...

No one will be looking at your feet because they will be way to enamored with your gorgeous dress! I think its more common than you might think for brides to wear flip flops. You gotta keep it comfy on your most special day!