Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Long & Fabulous Weekend

i don't want to brag, but i had a four day weekend. i've been taking fridays off and will continue to until the wedding. three days off has been nice, but four. MAN that is soo much better. i had enough time to get caught up around the house, work on the wedding, and relax. it was awesome.

i had a great weekend. grant had to work quite a bit, but it is good in some ways because he is getting done and that is the goal. lindsey and i worked on wedding cake attempt number three. the first two attempts can be found here and here.

we used duncan hins lemon moist delux cake mix. do you people know that this is THE cake mix to buy. it is freaking amazing. seriously. i probably won't ever make a cake from scratch again. so good. we threw in some poppyseeds (2 tbsp per box of mix is what we liked) for texture added a layer of raspberry jam in the middle and topped it with french vanilla icing (also store bought).

it turned out great (as you can see G enjoyed it). but is kind of huge so i threw away most of it. we can't have stuff like that around here in huge quantities - i'll eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner and i got a dress to fit into in a few weeks.

Lindsey had never embroidered so we took some time to show her the amazingness that is embroidery and then worked on some stuff for the Nie Nie Benefit.

I also made a little patch to sew into my wedding dress. I am so stoked on it. i just love it. it is my new monogram with our wedding date. i saw this idea in a magazine and HAD to copy it. it was my first time stitching on linen - SO much better than sweatshirt material FYI.

Saturday evening was spent watching the Ducks spank the Huskies - always a good way to spend a night in! And rounded out the weekend with a Sunday of just us. We reserved this date over a month ago as a day that no studies could be scheduled. I had planned a little adventure surprise to the Wildlife Safari but we decided that the day would be best spent hanging around the house. We each worked on things that needed to be done, but it was so nice to just have G in the house - makes me beyond excited and teary to think about how life is going to be once this PhD is done. Our evening was spent on our last date as an engaged couple. It has been too long since we did this and it was so fun to just talk and enjoy one anothers company.

Dinner and cocktails were had at Lucky Noodle - if you are ever in Eugene, you should eat here. SOOO good and the ambiance is great. Then we hit up the $1.50 to see Hancock. We both loved the movie. You know how now adays you see the whole movie during the previews? This movie has some great twists and turns that weren't shown and it was overall a feel good movie. Jason Bateman is funny in it - he is easily becoming a new favorite actor. Charlize Theron and Will Smith are great too and the little boy is adorable. Go see it. You'll have fun, i promise.

********Grant and I are both looking for good books to read on our honeymoon - let us know if you know of any!**********


Lacy & Simon said...

Honeymoon and books? Hmmm...I don't think I had time to read on my honeymoon...
If you do find time to read I just finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and it was good (quick). I'm in the midst of The Witch of Portebello (getting good) and others on my list of favorites include Middlesex, The Time Traveler's Wife (so good!) and I Know This Much is True. I also have The Last Lecture on my list to read ASAP.

nicole said...

I loved curious incident and time travelers wife! I will see if i can get one of hte others from the library - thanks!

if you've never read lovely bones - you should!

SnyderAZ said...

I am going to have to agree about Middlesex; however, for the honeymoon: "Are you there Vodka, it's me chelsea" and "when you are engulfed in flames". Or I could send you a copy of my dissertation!

SnyderAZ said...

Also: "The film club" is very good and "Choke", although the latter is a bit rough.

jenni said...

Rough on your honeymoon? lol

I would bring embroidery and linen! Are you making your cake again? or was it just for fun? I just scored a linen/cotton mix for a 1.20 a yard!

SnyderAZ said...

Actually, Jenni may be right that choke may be very appropriate for a honeymoon! (I normally don't like to say people from OR are right, I kid, I kid). E

nicole said...

we like it rough... lol. just kidding.

totally plan on bringing emboridery - not excited about doing it while sweating in the sun though. i'm a very impatient person in the sun.

making my cake again. LONG story. i'm glad though. tired of people telling me what i can and can't do at my freakin' wedding. funny how weddings somehow seem to make everyone feel as though they have the right to an opinion!