Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Costume Ideas

Alisha asked if I had any unique ideas for kids costumes... i replied that all of my 'ideas' are replicas of others, and most frequently that 'other' is martha. Here are the links I sent her.

Could they be any cuter?

Can't you just see Ella James in one of these?

goldfish, spring chicken, lambs

this is good for a mommy or daddy who want to be festive, but not go all out (click for more)


little red riding hood & wolf

egg (kinda makes me laugh)




lilly of the valley


**all photos from or martha


Philigry said...

so cute! thanks for all the inspiration.

Alisha said...

You're awesome! I freaking LOVE that chick. SO cute! Do you think she would wear it though? I might just give it a try...
THANK YOU so much for this help. And doesn't looking at these just make you want to get knocked up? Hint, Hint... Just kidding newlywed.

Lindsey said...

So cute!!! Alisha, you're awesome, haha!!

nicole said...

oh alisha, you have no idea how much this uterus wants a baby in it. BUT we are trying to be 'responsible' and wait.. i guess it could be good to be married for a minute too.

yea i was wondering if she would wear it too.. she difinitely has a mind of her own. maybe have her 'help' you make it... and see if she likes it more that way??