Monday, January 26, 2009

tea towel aprons

i heart checking out the blog one pretty thing. i saw these adorable (and simple) tea towel aprons last week and knew they were my kind of sewing project - quick and easy with immediate gratification!

luckily i had a brand new pack of towels on hand and several friends that deserved a little something special.

i love LOVE love the pockets!
if you ignore my inability to iron... don't you just want one?? it will take you 5 minutes...just do it!

i am also loving these tea towel totes!

....and today is G's first day as a Post Doc - keep him in your thoughts...


jenni said...

nice modeling! like the scissors. Those are awesome and no hemming or anything huh? add that to the gift list? well I guess you already did!

Sara said...

That is awesome. I don't even know how to sew and I think I could manage it. CUTE!!! Add that project to my to do list.

Kaitlyn said...

First, I will gain access to a sewing machine by Christmas. Then, I will make these as gifts!

Sarah said...

These turned out so great!! Love them.