Monday, August 16, 2010

Camping Round 2!

About a month ago we went on our second camping trip of the summer. The first time we went to the lake with Lainey & Dan. This time two other couples joined us and one even brought a boat! Isn't Olive so cute all hot in her crate? We dropped her off at the doggie resort on the way down so that she didn't have to be left alone while we were on the water all day. It was also over 100 degrees (like it always is in Missouri..) and she doesn't like that so much.

We were the first to arrive so we enjoyed a smooch and the view... 

That night we all got settled, made some burgers and hung out around the campfire. SO.MUCH.FUN!

Saturday we spent all day on the boat in the water. It was awesome - I got a little sea sick (as usual), but everyone else loved it! This is Grant trying his hardest to get up on those darn ski's. 

We stopped and parked the boat to get some lunch - this is the whole gang! 

Later in the day Grant was able to successfully knee board - looks fun, huh?? I'm not one for water sports so I opted out! 

The rest of the weekend we spent doing more of the same - grilling, campfire chats, and some more boating - although it rained on sunday making the latter a bit difficult. We are REALLY hoping to get at least one more camping trip in this year so we can bring Olive with us...we'll keep you posted!

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