Tuesday, May 31, 2011

25 weeks!

25 weeks

Still truckin' along in second trimester land! Nothing too new to report. We are still workin' on names and growin' this babe. We are talking more about how things will be once he or she gets here. How we will set up our room to accommodate baby and how the nursery should be, whether we want to go to the birth center or have the babe in this stinky apartment! So much to think about. We have mostly been focusing on getting settled into our new apartment - which has been adventure that I will tell you about in another post. Mostly we are just feelin' great and enjoying pregnancy! Baby is doing SO many flips and maneuvers in there these days - I really hope Grant can feel it soon, but he hasn't yet been able to.

23 week ultrasound

These are the ultrasound pics that I got when I fell a few weeks ago. Pretty cute kid, huh?

23 week ultrasound

23 week ultrasound

This one is my fav! All cuddled up with the placenta and looking at us! 

Amazingly baby is now over a pound in a half in weight and 13 plus inches in length! Getting so big! Mostly working on gaining weight and makin' that brain nice and smart. That's all we have to report this week...I'll come back on later to report on our Memorial Day weekend and apartment adventures.

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