Monday, October 13, 2008


attempting to organize myself for Christmas Crafting

i have been in a funk ever since returning from our wedding & honeymoon(s). i think i was just so overwhelmed with all that was going awry and also not feeling well. this weekend i really started to feel better physically and i decided that if i wanted the overwhelmed feeling to go away i had to start on something.

so i cleaned. and cleaned. and cleaned. our place was never as dirty as it was in the months leading up to and following the wedding. it FEELS so much better. as a result of my time spent cleaning, this has become my best friend. (seriously - IT.IS.amazing!!)

being in a clean house makes such a difference in my attitude! i have to remember this. since my house was clean i was able to tackle the other major thing i'm taking on - 100% handmade (by me) Christmas. this is what i did to get myself ready and organized - took me several hours on saturday, but i now think it is possible to get everything done in the next two+ months!

1. Use this template (blogged here) to make a list of who you need/want to give gifts to.

2. Use your notebook and etsy to come up with ideas for what to make for whom.

3. Print out any tutorials/patterns you will need to use.

4. Organize them by type of gift in a binder with dividers.

5. Make a supply list.

6. Buy supplies

7. Be crafty!

I'm very excited about this and REALLY hope it all works out. Could be interesting with us hosting our first Thanksgiving (for 10-12!! yay!) and G plugging away at his dissertation, BUT i think its doable!!


update for those interested: Grant really enjoyed his time in Missouri (said it is absolutely beautiful too!) and we will know more on Friday. He will also be returning from Detroit that day so it should be a good day of updates.


Lacy & Simon said...

Great to hear that things with the post doc search are going well. I've heard nothing but great things about the work environment in that lab in Missouri! I'll talk to my buddy Donna (also known as PDK, former post doc there before PSU to see what she thinks).
Nicole, I'm with you with the cleaning! I'm also so impressed with your craftiness.

Grant Factor said...

Thanks Lacy! I'm off to Detroit in the morning (Donal O'Leary's lab). Hopefully I don't show up running on 45 minutes of sleep like I did in Missouri last week.