Monday, January 23, 2012

Four Months


I really wanted a big grin for this picture, but she is so interested in what I'm doing with that funny little box thing (aka camera) that she just stares and follows it. Since it took me so long to get this post up I have the stats from her four month doctor's appointment! She weighs 14lbs 10oz which is 75th percentile and she is over 100% for height! She giggles now and its awesome... can't get enough of it! She loves it when we blow raspberries on her belly and laughs hard when I get real deep in her neck and smooch her over and over. As you saw, she LOOVES the baby in the mirror and is also digging her toys these days. Sophie seems to be her fav - I think she likes the shape of her head to chew on. We borrowed one of these jumpers from a friend and she digs it - gives me 5 or 10 minutes to fix some food or clean which is awesome! She is pretty close to sitting up by herself, but still isn't rolling over much. She's done it once or twice, but never consistently. I should probably get her on her tummy more, but she doesn't tolerate it for long. She still loves the doggies - the 'talks' to them whenever they are near and blows raspberries which is another new skill. Miss E thinks she is pretty clever that she figured it out and now does it all the time! She also learned to fake cough and its hilarious! She choked on her drool one night while we were eating dinner and started coughing. I coughed back at her and she grinned and did it back to me. We went back and forth a few times and she thought it was sooo funny! Now coughing is one of her noises and she does it all the time. So silly! Her newfound interested in toys is slowly improving the car situation, which is SO nice! 

Such a big, sweet girl you are Edrie! Love you to pieces!



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jenni said...

I just sat here trying to figure who she looks like or why I keep thinking Grant but I can't pinpoint anything, driving me crazy! She is sure cute and rolly though! I like that family picture below too, I love how Edrie is looking right at the camera!